One Rockin’ Baby Name

The year’s most popular baby names were released and Sophia and Aiden came out on top. We recently met a couple whose baby’s name is not on the list.


The Baby
On Monday, Nov. 12, Johnny Rockets super fans Roc & Jessika Capanna, of Mesa, welcomed baby JohnnyRoc at 9 pounds and 22 inches. Roc, Jessika and Grandpa Roc Capanna have been Johnny Rockets fans since the mid-80s, and look forward to bringing their “little Johnny Rocket man” to their favorite American diner.

Meet Mom and Dad
Jessika and Roc met at the gym. One day, when Roc was working, Jessika wandered in, looking for a job. After Roc convinced his boss to hire her, they began dating and five years later they were engaged.

JohnnyRocfamA Story Behind the Name
They decided to name their little bundle of love JohnnyRoc based on a few considerations: Jessika wanted to name him after Roc, who felt that there were too many Rocs in the family and didn’t want it as a first name. Jessika also liked the name Johnny after her grandmother’s brother, who she remembers being a very kind, loving, and selfless person, serving in the military in his early years, then working at the post office, and taking care of his mother until he passed. He also gave Jessika her first guitar. Roc told us that “choosing the name wasn’t difficult at all.” His nickname, of course, is Johnny Rocket.

Super Rockets Fans
Roc and Jessika visit our AZ Mills Mall location frequently, where Roc orders a Route 66 and our Strawberry Oreo Shake. Jessika and likes the Houston, but substitutes a turkey burger, and prefers our Strawberry Banana Shake.

One Rockin’ Baby
We’d like to congratulate Roc and Jessika on the birth of their little baby boy with one rockin’ name!



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