Shake up your September!

We’re nearing the end of summer, and it can be sad saying goodbye to the beach and warm sunny days, so we wanted to cheer you up and wish you a Happy National Shake Month! This September, celebrate the sweet things around you – family and friends, an Oreo Shake (ok c’mon you knew we’d suggest a Shake), and do something to “shake up” your month.

Smile more, break out into song, take your dog for an extra walk. Whatever you choose to do, make it count. This month, we’ll be looking for #ShakeMonth photos and tweets to share with our fans, so if you want your Shake photos and September Shake Up ideas shared, make sure to use the hashtag #ShakeMonth.  We’ll be surprising some people with Free Shakes just for fun throughout the month! Also, just because we love you all – here is a recipe for our own Oreo Cookies & Cream Shake!

We asked our Twitter followers if they’re doing anything to “Shake Up” their September. Below are some responses – maybe you will find some inspiration!


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