Johnny Rockets (Officially) Goes INTERNATIONAL

Rockets fans – it’s time for Global Hamburger Domination! 

John Fuller and Steve Devine in Shanghai, China

Last month, we announced the addition of an International Division to our company – a decision that will help us expand our global presence at a much more efficient rate. This is VERY exciting news for our international fans (and our USA neighbors traveling abroad)!

Why? Because we already have 180 new locations planned to open over the next 5-7 years in addition to the 68 already in existence. That’s almost tripling our presence!

Our CEO, John Fuller, explains why we created this new division in more detail: “Johnny Rockets’ continued growth outside of the U.S. is a very significant part of our business and, not surprisingly, those international partners need an increasing amount of Corporate support and brand leadership.”

Steve Devine, previously our Executive VP of Franchising, is our first President of this division and we can’t think of a better representative of our brand to continue introducing people from all corners of the world to Johnny Rockets. Steve (@BRGRGUY on Twitter) has already made SIX international trips around the world in 2012 – that’s 55 days of traveling – so he has a great feel on where we should be headed next!

Steve believes that Johnny Rockets will see continued success in international markets, as “there is a tremendous demand for our brand overseas, so we are working hard to expand.”

Where are we headed next is the big question, and Steve offered us this: we currently have plans to develop in Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Columbia, India, Morocco, and Tunisia.

We are also focusing efforts on Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, Honduras and Costa Rica and we should note – we are still looking for Franchise Partners in these countries.

If you’re in one of these countries and know someone who would be the perfect Johnny Rockets Franchise Partner, by all means, let us know! We have a lot of franchising information on our website, so check it out!

We’re looking for location ideas and your thoughts on our new International Division, so feel free to leave us some blog comments or retweet the tweet below and Let the Good Times Roll!


26 thoughts on “Johnny Rockets (Officially) Goes INTERNATIONAL

    • Thanks for reading the blog Randy! I would also like to build more restaurants in Canada and believe that BC will ultimately be a great market for Johnny Rockets. Johnny Rockets does not directly operate any restaurants outside of the United States, so if you know of an enterprising company or entrepreneur who would like to bring the Johnny Rockets brand further into Canada I would be very happy to speak with them!

  1. What about Europe?? Switzerland?? We just have Mc Donald’s and Burger King and that’s no competition for Johnny Rockets Burgers!

    • They already disappointed in Istanbul few years ago. Marketing and some other techniques went wrong I guess. They closed the restaurant shortly after it’s opened.

      • Hi berk! I hope that you had a chance to visit us while we were open in Turkey! Unfortunately, while the Cevahir Mall (Sisli Cultural and Trade Center) is a massive project, our location within the mall was not ideal for us and offered too little foot traffic for us to continue operations. Of course we plan to return to Turkey soon and I suspect that when we announce our return it will be posted here, so stay tuned to “THE ORIGINAL HAMBURGER” blog for news of upcoming international openings!!

      • Well that would be just fantastic! So i can get back to having my route 66 burgers!! And sodas with syrup! My fav spot was philly south street btw ,. !!

  2. How about some more in the US too. The one nearest me that was 60 miles away just closed. Bring one to the West Michigan area that’s not in a nasty, smoky casino.

  3. Hi Steve,

    Is there any possibility that you will accept applications from Belgium in the future?

    I would love to see a Johnny Rockets open here, in Antwerp or on the A12 (a road that goes from Antwerp to Brussels, lots of traffic every day…). Antwerp being the diamond city which attracts a lot of tourists, Brussels being the capital of our country, with our airport nearby.

    In Belgium we only have Mcdonalds. And Quick. Which is a french hamburger restaurant similar to Mcdonalds. Not a -real- hamburger joint out here.

    It would be something unique if you open in Belgium. I went to Florida in february, visited Johnny Rockets and I never even HEARD of a malt shake. I had to ask what it was. We don’t even have those in Belgium, anywhere. Floats, same thing. Nobody here, not even the bars or “fast food joints” (again: only Mcdonalds and quick…), serve those.

    Also not common up here: onion rings. You can only get it in one shop, which specialises in freezer food. So not the best quality either. Sweet potato, we sell it here but hardly anyone buys those from the shop… Cheese fries: I died eating those. Best invention ever. Never heard of it. Nobody serves them here. Grilled cheese: We have a variant of that’s called “croque-monsieur” but it has ham in it. And it’s mostly made with some plastic tasting cheese. So basically: we don’t have those here either.

    So as you can tell: by starting one in Belgium you would attract a lot of customers, not because you’re good at what you make. But because you will be about the only ones serving it.

    Besides: I’m getting homesick to your delicious food, if it means I have to go to a bank, borrow money and start one on my own to get one here, I will. 😉

    • Els – We would be thrilled to be in Belgium as part of our “Global Hamburger Domination”! While we are currently very focused on our expansion in Asia and Latin America, we are always accepting franchise applications for other parts of the world. When the right franchise partners comes along, we want to be ready to GROW JOHNNY GROW!!

  4. Great news that you’re going to return Turkey soon ! This time if you’re going to open in a mall it should be ‘Istınye Park’ in European side or ‘Palladium’ in Asian side. Those are the most crowded malls in each side. But i think you should open a restaurant out of the malls. Johnny Rockets consept is not suitable for malls in my opinion. You should open a restaurant in places which is crowded or popular like Taksim if you’re not thinking about a restaurant near sea , but if a seaside restaurant it should be Emirgan or Bebek which are a little popular for being places for people with higher incomes. Of course you would take professional ideas but anyway i just wanted to give my opinion. Thanks for planning to return Turkey soon ( i hope very soon!). See you soon !

  5. A few weeks back I watched Undercover Boss and was delighted to find out that there was a Johhny Rockets in Hong Kong. Now that I’m here I can’t find where it is! Anybody have any ideas?

    • Hi Mart, thanks for commenting on The Original Hamburger! We are sorry for the misunderstanding. We do not currently have a Johnny Rockets restaurant in Hong Kong…but we would like to have one there, soon. Please let us know if you know anyone who may be interested in opening a Johnny Rockets franchise, there.

  6. It’s great to know that u guys are planning to open up in Pakistan. City of Lahore will be your best option as it is the food capital of the country and people are crazy about good here, and you sure got great food. I’ve been to ur Hollywood outlet and can still remember the taste of delicious burger and the shake.

    So best of luck and hope to see one opening up here very soon in Lahore.

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